Hyundai Motor Group Holds 'Mobility Innovators Forum' In Silicon Valley
Hyundai Motor Group Holds 'Mobility Innovators Forum' In Silicon Valley
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▶"Discussing Innovation·Vision Of The Human-oriented Values"

Hyundai Motor Group(Hyundai) announced on the 3rd that it held the '8th Mobility Innovators Forum 2023' at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, USA on the 2nd (local time).

The 'Mobility Innovation Forum' was first held at Stanford University in 2016 by Hyundai Group to provide a forum for communication for innovators in the mobility field, and this year marks its 8th anniversary.

Under the theme of 'Re-Vision & Re-Value,' Hyundai took the time to look back on the vision and values ​​of the mobility industry and share insights on human-centered future mobility innovation.

Hyundai established an innovation base called 'CRADLE' in five countries, including the United States, Germany, Israel, China, and Singapore, to discover promising startup companies leading future mobility innovation. In Korea, we also operate 'ZER01NE', an open innovation platform.

At this forum, Heungsoo Kim, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group's GSO (Global Strategy Office), Marc Raibert, CEO of Boston Dynamics AI Research Institute, Ken Goldberg, robotics engineer and professor at UC Berkeley, and Gary Silver, head of KPMG's Global Automotive Division, Key figures in the mobility industry, appeared as keynote speakers.

Kim Heung-Soo, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group

In addition, experts from various fields participated, and discussions took place on topics such as robotics, autonomous driving, the role of software developers in the era of future mobility, entrepreneurship, and future mobility investment strategies.

Kim Heung-Soo, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group, said in his opening speech that day, "The theme of this forum, 'Re-Vision & Re-Value,' represents the journey we all take as we look back on the past and look toward the future. Today's forum will allow participants to focus on their vision." "It will be a time to challenge and ask questions."

The link to the Korean version of this article is below.

▷현대차그룹, 美 실리콘벨리서 '모빌리티 혁신 포럼' 개최..."인간 가치 중심의 혁신과 비전을 논하다"



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