KG Mobility, 'Development Of EV·Hybrid System'…Strike Hands With BYD
KG Mobility, 'Development Of EV·Hybrid System'…Strike Hands With BYD
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KG Mobility signed a 'Next-generation Hybrid System Joint Development Agreement' with BYD, a global electric vehicle leader, along with the 'Battery Pack Korea Factory Agreement' KG Mobility Chairman Kwak Jae-Seon (right) and BYD Chairman Wang Chan-Fu are taking a commemorative photo.

KG Mobility announced on the 2nd that it signed an agreement with China's BYD for 'Joint Development Of Next-generation Hybrid Systems' with the 'Battery Pack Korea Factory' at the BYD Group headquarters in Shenzhen, China on the 1st.

Battery packs produced in Korea through a Korean factory agreement will be installed in the Torres EVX and the O100, which is being developed for mass production in the second half of 2024 and will be expanded to be applied to vehicle models set in the future.

KG Mobility, 'Development Of EV·Hybrid System'…Strike Hands With BYD

Before signing an agreement to develop next-generation hybrid systems jointly, researchers from both companies seek to expand their hybrid lineup, starting with a Torres-based hybrid model in 2025.

KG Mobility Chairman Kwak Jae-Seon said, "We expect that this expansion of cooperation with BYD will serve as an opportunity to reorganize the product lineup to focus on eco-friendly vehicles, including strengthening the lineup of electric vehicles such as the Torres EVX, KR10, and F100, introducing a platform dedicated to electric vehicles, and launching hybrid products." 

KG Mobility CEO Jeong Yong-Won said, "By strengthening the lineup of eco-friendly vehicles based on cooperation with BYD for the joint development of next-generation hybrids, KG Mobility has laid the foundation for more stable growth."

The link to the Korean version of this article is as below.

▷KG 모빌리티, '전기차·하이브리드 개발'...中 BYD와 맞손



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