Samsung Electronics “Connection That Matters”...’ IFA 2023 Where Innovation Meets Sustainability
Samsung Electronics “Connection That Matters”...’ IFA 2023 Where Innovation Meets Sustainability
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The recently released Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 are on display

Under the theme “Connection That Matters,” Samsung Electronics highlighted its latest devices, innovations, platforms, and sustainability efforts at this year’s IFA — Europe’s largest consumer trade show in Berlin, Germany.

From September 1 to 5, visitors to Samsung’s booth can discover brand-new connected experiences powered by SmartThings and explore how the company combines innovation with eco-conscious initiatives to build a brighter future for all.

■Sustainability Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

At the Sustainability Zone, visitors can discover Net Zero Home, an eco-conscious future residence, and learn about Samsung’s environmental efforts and technologies for future generations — including company-developed recyclable materials such as “r-ABS” and the ecological impact of energy usage at home through Carbon Intensity Insight.

In September 2022, Samsung announced its new environmental strategy and committed to achieving company-wide carbon neutrality by 2050 and joining efforts to tackle climate change. To that end, the company has reduced carbon emissions by more than 900,000 tons and increased the use of renewable plastics by threefold compared to 2021.

■Streamline Your Daily Routine With SmartThings

Samsung showcases SmartThings, the company’s expansive and fully integrated home ecosystem. In particular, this section of the booth highlights how third-party devices with Matter or HCA support can be seamlessly connected to the advanced multi-device connectivity platform.

■Enriching Your Daily Life With Bespoke Home

At the Bespoke Life booth, Samsung showcases sustainable, intelligent home appliances with unique personalization options. Moreover, visitors can get hands-on experience with Samsung’s latest home appliances, such as the BESPOKE AI™ Washer & Dryer, Bespoke Jet™ AI, and Bespoke Oven.

■Vivid and Bright Experiences on Display

Samsung’s booth features the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor and 98-inch ultra-large TV lineup — highlighting cutting-edge MICRO LED technology that offers lifelike picture quality. In addition, Samsung Gaming Hub opens the door to cloud gaming. At the same time, the Freestyle 2nd Gen portable projector demonstrates new ways to entertain with a 21:9 screen ratio for a whole cinematic experience.

■Unfold the Latest Mobile Innovations With the Galaxy Z Series

Visitors at Samsung’s booth can experience the flip side with the latest mobile device lineup unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked this past July — the Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5, Watch6 series, and Tab S9 series.

Beyond leading technological innovation, Samsung aims to connect people and the world around them through its products. The company looks forward to the future — eager to reduce its environmental impact,  enhance consumers’ lives, and discover new possibilities for a better world.



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