Samsung Electronics, Starting Mass Production of 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM
Samsung Electronics, Starting Mass Production of 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM
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Samsung's DRAM will optimize next-generation computing, including artificial intelligence applications, with greater power efficiency and productivity.
Recently, Samsung Electronics announced that its 16-gigabit (Gb) DDR5 DRAM, which utilizes the industry's most advanced 12 nanometers (nm)-class process technology, has started mass production. 

"Using differentiated process technology, Samsung's industry-leading 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM delivers outstanding performance and power efficiency," said Joo-Young Lee, Executive Vice President of DRAM Products & Technology at Samsung Electronics. "Our latest DRAM reflects our continued commitment to leading the DRAM market, not only with high-performance and high-capacity products that meet computing market demand for large-scale processing but also by commercializing next-generation solutions that support greater productivity."

Compared to the previous generation, Samsung's new 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM reduces power consumption by up to 23% while enhancing wafer productivity by up to 20%. Its outstanding power efficiency makes it the ideal solution for global IT companies that want to reduce their servers' and data centers' energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Samsung's development of 12nm-class process technology was made possible thanks to the use of a new high-κ material that helps increase cell capacitance. High capacitance results in an electric potential difference in the data signals, making distinguishing them accurately easier. The company's efforts to lower operating voltage and reduce noise have also helped deliver the optimal solution that customers need.

Boasting a maximum speed of 7.2 gigabits per second (Gbps), translating into rates that can process two 30GB UHD movies in about a second. Samsung's 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM lineup will support a growing list of applications, including data centers, artificial intelligence, and next-generation computing.

Last December, Samsung completed its 16-gigabit DDR5 DRAM evaluation for compatibility with AMD and continues collaborating with global IT companies to drive innovation in the next-generation DRAM market.

The summary of this article in Korean is as follows.

■삼성전자, 업계 최선단 12나노급 D램 양산 개시

삼성전자가 12나노급 공정으로 16Gb(기가 비트) DDR5 D램 양산을 시작했다고 최근 밝혔다. 생산성은 약 20% 향상됐고 소비 전력도 약 23% 개선됐다. 다.

이번에 양산을 시작한 D램은 최고 동작 속도 7.2Gbps를 지원한다. 1초에 30GB 용량의 UHD 영화 2편을 처리할 수 있는 속도다. 

삼성전자는 데이터센터·인공지능·차세대 컴퓨팅 분야 고객 수요에 대응하기 위해 12나노급 D램 라인업을 지속적으로 확대해 나갈 방침이다.

삼성전자 메모리사업부 DRAM개발실장 이주영 부사장은 “업계 최선단 12나노급 D램은 차별화된 공정 기술력을 기반으로 뛰어난 성능과 높은 전력 효율을 구현했다”며, “삼성전자는 대용량 처리가 요구되는 컴퓨팅 시장 수요에 맞춰 고성능, 고용량을 확보할 뿐만 아니라 높은 생산성으로 제품을 적기에 상용화하여 D램 시장을 지속 선도해 나갈 것”이라고 밝혔다.

삼성전자는 12나노급 D램에 대해 지난해 12월 AMD 플랫폼 기반 호환성 검증을 마치고 글로벌 IT기업들과의 협력을 통해 차세대 D램 시장을 견인하고 있다.


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