‘Travel is coming’...Lotte Duty Free incentivises shopper vaccination
‘Travel is coming’...Lotte Duty Free incentivises shopper vaccination
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SOUTH KOREA. In a commendable industry first, Lotte Duty Free is hosting a ‘Travel is Coming’ event offering benefits to its Korean customers who have been vaccinated.

The travel retailer noted that with vaccination uptake on the increase at home and abroad, international travel bubbles are being discussed in earnest, raising expectations for overseas travel.

Accordingly, in a promotion that runs from 1 July to 30 September, for those who have received the first or second doses of the vaccine, Lotte Duty Free will upgrade silver members to gold and gold members to premium. The upgraded level is maintained for one year.

For customers with the highest LVIP and LVVIP ratings, a KRW10,000 (US$8.80) for ‘PRE LDF PAY’ – a membership point that can be used like cash at Lotte Duty Free – will be presented.

To participate in the event, customers simply to attend the gift desks at Lotte Duty Free’s airport and downtown stores in Seoul, Busan or Jeju and present their vaccination certificate.

Clearance sale geared up
Lotte Duty Free is also stepping up its successful clearance sales of duty free products by selling them offline on a regular walk-up basis in addition to the current advance reservation system.

The right to sell duty free products into the local market was one of the relief measures introduced by the Korean government last year to support retailers stricken by the COVID-19 crisis.

From 1 July, offline domestic customs clearance event halls will be available at the Lotte Duty Free flagship store in Myeong-dong, Seoul; its Lotte World Tower and COEX shops, also in the Korean capital; and its downtown operation in Busan.

To commemorate the transition to regular sales, Lotte Duty Free has approximately tripled the available range to 63 brands. Discounts range up to -85%. Luxury goods include Chloé, Jimmy Choo, Zegna and Etro; while the watches, accessories and sunglasses offer now also features Frederick Constant, Swarovski and Tom Ford.

In addition to offline channels, Lotte Duty Free also operates the ‘LUXEMALL’ online store; live ecommerce broadcast ‘Luxmall Live’, and Lotte Shopping’s ‘Lotte On’, all offering clearance products.

By Moodie Davitt Asia Pacific

[기사원문 요약]

롯데면세점이 코로나 백신 접종을 인증한 고객에게 멤버십 등급 업그레이드 혜택을 제공한다.

롯데면세점은 1일 공식 SNS 계정에 'Travel is coming, 백신접종 응원 이벤트' 진행을 알렸다. 이벤트 기간은 이날부터 9월 30일까지다. 

롯데면세점은 백신 접종 인증 증명서를 보유한 고객을 대상으로 회원 등급별 혜택(1년간 등급유지)을 제공한다고 밝혔다.

백신 인증을 한 비회원은 회원 가입시 실버 등급을 받으며, 기존 실버 등급은 골드, 골드 등급은 프리미엄으로 등급이 올라간다. 참여를 원하는 이는 접종 인증 증명서 및 여권을 소지해 안내데스크를 방문하면 된다. 1차 접종만 받아도 이벤트 대상에 포함된다.

또 롯데면세점 백신접종 혜택을 알리고 싶은 친구, 지인의 SNS 아이디를 태그하면 추첨을 통해 록시땅 라벤더 핸드워시(1명)를 증정한다.

김상록 기자 kdf@kdfnews.com


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