Daewoong Pharma's Enblo Proves Safe and Effective for Treating Diabetic Dogs
Daewoong Pharma's Enblo Proves Safe and Effective for Treating Diabetic Dogs
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Daewoong Pharmaceutical announced on the 7th that a research paper confirming the efficacy and safety of Enblo (ingredient: Inavogliflozin, DWP16001) as a diabetes treatment has been published in the international journal "Veterinary Medicine and Science."

The paper, "Effect of the sodium‐glucose cotransporter‐2 inhibitor, DWP16001, as an add‐on therapy to insulin for diabetic dogs: A pilot study," details the study's results.

According to the research, diabetic dogs with insulin deficiency, indicative of Type 1 diabetes, were treated with a combination of Enblo and insulin over a year. The results showed reduced fructosamine and fasting blood glucose levels, with no observed side effects, ensuring its safety.

Professor Soo Lim, a renowned expert in the field and the paper's author, stated, "This study, led by our team of experienced researchers, demonstrates that SGLT-2 inhibitors could become a new therapeutic option in the pet market."

Daewoong Pharmaceutical conducts meticulously designed and rigorously executed large-scale Phase 3 clinical trials on pets. These trials aim to provide robust evidence of Enblo's safety and efficacy, and we plan to apply for approval from the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency by 2024.

Seong-Soo Park, CEO of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, commented, "Based on these study results, we will focus on developing oral diabetes treatments for animals to enhance the quality of life for both pet owners and their dogs."

The link to the Korean version of this article is as follows.

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