GC Biopharma's 'GC FLU' Vaccine, Awarding $10 Million Worth Of Order From GPO In Thai
GC Biopharma's 'GC FLU' Vaccine, Awarding $10 Million Worth Of Order From GPO In Thai
  • BK Min, 박성재
  • 승인 2023.11.23 18:28
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▶Largest Export Volume Since Entering The Thai Flu Vaccine Market In 2014
GC Pharma's GC FLU Quadrivalent

GC Biopharma announced on the 23rd that its flu vaccine' GC FLU' received an order worth about $10 million in a 2024 bidding from GPO(Government Pharmaceutical Organization), the government-owned pharmaceutical company.

This order is the largest volume contracted since entering the Thai flu vaccine market in 2014. The company explained that the contract terms, such as contract amount and period, will likely change depending on the agreement with GPO.

GC FLU is a domestically produced vaccine internationally recognized for its safety and effectiveness. Based on its globally proven flu vaccine manufacturing technology, GC Biopharma expands its export countries and volumes annually.

Lee Woo-jin, GC Biopharma's global business division head, said, "The government's administrative support, such as vaccine export support and a shortened national shipment approval schedule, was a great help in signing this contract." He added, "Based on the position we have built up in the international organization procurement market, we plan to accelerate our entry into the private market in each country."

The link to the Korean version of this article is as below.

▷GC녹십자, 태국서 독감백신 1000만 달러 규모 물량 수주

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