[Duty-free shops have the lowest prices] The best of the best for the ‘skin,’ the most powerful essence cosmetics for winter skin with all-day all-night inner beauty!
[Duty-free shops have the lowest prices] The best of the best for the ‘skin,’ the most powerful essence cosmetics for winter skin with all-day all-night inner beauty!
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The best skincare cosmetics items in duty-free shops
Your own selections for skincare and information essential for smart shopping

A_0045 Caption = 1. Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence 45ml/ 2. Sulwhasoo Jaumsoo 125ml/ 3. Lancôme Advanced Génifique 100ml/ 4. Dior ONE ESSENTIAL SERUM 75ml/ 5. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml/ 6. It’s skin Crème d’escargot 60ml/ 7. Laneige Water Bank Essence EX 60ml/ 8. Su:m Secret Essence 80ml/ 9. Kiehl’s CLEARLY CORRECTIVE WHITE HYDRATING MOISTURE EMULSION 50ml

Investments in skin care should never be spared. However, we collected all information on essence cosmetics sold at duty-free shops to help smart consumers spend their money smartly. A choice for the skin overworked at a time when the frequency of outdoor activities is increasing! The essential investment for skin is none other than essence cosmetics. Let’s compare various l product groups, e.g. wrinkle improvement and moisturizing, and maximize the price performance ratio.

You must take care of ‘skin health’ before covering up your face with make-up. People say that the vitality of nature comes from rich soil. The same can be said about the skin. Making rich soil is the secret to continuously maintaining inner beauty. Without the foundation, what you accomplished with make-up cannot but collapse. This is why an essence, which can be called the flower of basic cosmetics, is regarded as a vital course of skincare.

As the essence has been carefully applied, skin health can be gradually improved. Of course, it is important to select a product fit for your skin type. Instead of what is rumored to be a ‘good product,’ you should compare ingredients and efficacy before selecting an essence product. You should purchase an item most suitable for your skin at the most reasonable price at a duty-free if you want to boast that you ‘got a good deal.’

Let’s start now. We will provide you with information on BEST prices of essence cosmetics sold at duty-free shops and information on BEST products.

lowest_eng Common information=mileage (up to 30% of the maximum price can be used), expected mileage (2% of the purchase price is instantly discounted in general), coupons (maximum amounts will be applied to products for which coupons can be used)

1. Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin essence 45ml


LG Household & Health Care’s brand ‘Whoo’ is holding a unique position in duty-free shops. In particular, Gongjinhyang is the ‘basic caret line’ that contains precious royal court formula presented exclusively to the emperor and empress. As this product contains deer antlers, Korean angelica root, cornus fruit, acanthopanax and asparagus, it soothes your tired skin and has a great anti-aging effect.

2. Sulwhasoo Jaumsoo 125ml


It is a herbal cosmetics that moisturizes the skin as it penetrates the skin deep and quickly. Amore Pacific’s ‘Sulwhasoo’ is not only captivating the hearts of consumers all over the world, but also has a high brand value. Jaumsoo is very effective in moisturizing and soothing the skin. With its outstanding efficacy for the sensitive and dry skin, it is continuously loved by consumers.

3. Lancôme Advanced Génifique 100ml


If you open the lid, the Advanced Génifique’s self-loading pippet dispenses the optimal quantity for one-time use, making it more convenient to use. More than anything else, since its release in 2009, it has been loved by female users. It can be called the most popular skincare product. As it reinforced anti-aging, improved wrinkles and skin texture, and strengthened the skin barrier, you can have healthy skin all year round.



One Essential is enabled by the technology backed by more than 20 years of expertise in skin purification and Nobel-prize-winning researches. It is the basic line that helps the skin to perform its inherent functions by purifying and revitalizing the skin. The main ingredient is the hibiscus extract obtained from the studies done on the hibiscus flower by Dior researches. They discovered that the calyxes surrounding the petals of hibiscus flowers can purify the skin, and One Essential serum is the product that maximizes this effect.

5. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml


How about using Innisfree’s The Green Tea Seed Serum right after washing your face? In three seconds after washing your face, the skin will soon be dehydrated. To prevent it, you will need to apply the seeds of moisture to your skin to keep the moisture in your skin and have moist skin all day long. The green tea seeds grown at the green tea farm in Jeju perform this function. As it contains panthenol, which helps cell growth and water-binding, and Betaine for moisturization as well as organic green tea water, it will make women look younger.

6. It’s skin PRESTIGE crème d’escargot 60ml


It is also known as the ‘snail cream.’ The ‘mucin’ contained in the snail secretion filtrate (21% content) not only improves the regeneration ability of the skin, but also solves skin trouble. It is a multicare product that makes your skin elastic, whitens and moistens your skin, and improves your wrinkles. In particular, as one of the most ‘profitable’ products in duty-free shops, it has become the growth engine of the It’s skin brand.

7. Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX 60ml

7_la Bank

If you know Laneige’s water sleeping mask pack, pay attention to the ‘Water Bank essence EX’ too. The hydro ion mineral water penetrates deep into the skin and re-moisturizes the dry skin, improving the damaged skin. The Tillandsia extract, containing the natural moisturizing factor Betaine, optimizes the moisture balance of the skin and keeps the skin moist 24 hours a day. Apply it to the cheeks, the forehead and the chin after toner or lotion.

8. Su:m Secret Essence 80ml


The Secret Essence is the representative product of the Su:m brand based on natural fermentation researches. The Su:m brand focused on 4 ingredients for the sake of natural fermentation. It puts the vitality of nature in cosmetics through the clean pure water, the deep and strong sense of the earth, the temperature resembling body heat and the clean air. Consumers, who experience this product, thought highly of the moist and smooth skin. If you want to feel the breath of fermented cosmetics containing nature, we strongly recommend the Secret Essence of the Su:m brand.



It is a skin clarifying emulsion with hydrating moisture that contains vitamin activated C. It is the Kiehl’s product that deters the appearance of new pigmentation and visibly corrects uneven skin tone. Brightening and illuminating your skin as clear as porcelain, it also moistens your skin. If you use the temperature of your hand to let it be absorbed in your face and neck as if you were gently pressing your skin while softly applying the emulsion to your face, it will be much more effective.

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