Stellantis KOREA, Peugeot Diesel Vehicles Recalled For 'Element Count Tank Defect'
Stellantis KOREA, Peugeot Diesel Vehicles Recalled For 'Element Count Tank Defect'
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  • 승인 2023.05.22 19:05
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The Ministry of Environment in Korea will decide early this week to recall Peugeot's 'Blue HDi' diesel-powered vehicles with element count tank defects. 

According to the Ministry of Environment, the defect in Peugeot's Blue HDi engine vehicles has been reported and investigated. It is now in the final stages of review and is expected to approve a corrective plan this week.

The vehicles in question are Peugeot diesel models with the Blue HDi engine. The exact nature and scope of the recall and the corrective measures will be finalized and disclosed upon approval of the plan.

The vehicles are affected by a defect in the urea water tank, which can cause the urea water warning light to illuminate.

According to the Korea Transportation Safety Organization, 268 reports of related defects have been received in recent years, including 178 last year and 90 this year (18th May).

Stellantis Korea, Peugeot's importer, and distributor, said it is aware of the issue and has been in close consultation with the headquarters to resolve the problem.

Stellantis Korea official said, "We are aware of the issue with the urea tank on Peugeot's diesel vehicles. We are already in the process of initiating a recall with the authorities." "We are also in close contact with the headquarters. We will do our best to resolve the inconvenience to our customers as soon as possible." said a Stellantis Korea official.



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